Preteen Ministry

Pre-Teens at FBC Bullard

Preteens just don’t fit — in ministries not made for them. The reason preteens need their own place is crystal clear to anybody who’s tried to place a preteen into children’s or youth ministries. Plain and simple, they’re at an age all their own. They think differently, act differently, relate differently, and learn differently. Spiritually they’re ready for something deeper than children’s ministry, but aren’t quite ready to be exposed to some of the tough truths of youth ministry.


From November 27th - January 1st Crossroads 56 will be off for the holidays. Will resume January 8th.

Crossroads 56 is a place where they are no longer treated like children but treated like PRE-TEENs. So join us Wednesday Nights!! The action begins at 6:30, the kids will play games, hang out, eat, watch videos, along with bible study and discussion. The fun ends at 7:30!

Preteens at Camptendo Last June.

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