Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at FBC Bullard

At FBC Bullard our Youth (7th grade - 12th grade) experience a safe environment where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way. With our newly updated youth room our prayer is that the youth feel like the "Youth Room" is their home.

What happens at The CREW

Sunday morning activities begin at 9:15 AM. Students gather in the Youth Cafe for donuts, pigs and fellowship until 9:30AM. Then we go to our Life Groups which are divided by gender. Life groups end at 10;15.

Wednesday Nights: Wednesday nights with The CREW start with a free meal at 5:30pm in the gym. If you cannot make it to the meal, then join us at 6:15 in the youth room where we play some fun games, spend time worshipping our Heavenly Father, have inspiring, in depth discussions on tough topics that relate to our teens today, and then we break off into small group time according to age groups for further discussion of these topics.

Fun Times with The CREW         
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