Bible in a Year

Learn about and Sign Up for the 4 + 1 Bible plan

What's the plan?

Being in the scriptures everyday is key to the walk of faith, and we know that reading the Bible can be a challenging task. That is why we are providing a plan for you to use throughout the year. The Read the Bible for Life 4 + 1 plan is designed so that you will read 4 passages from 4 different parts of the Bible plus a Psalm, daily. Join us on this endeavor. Sign up here to get encouraging emails throughout the year.

Instructions for downloading the app

*Download the app from your app store

*Open the app once its downloaded

*Click on the check mark on the bottom of the app

*Under "Find Plans" look for the blue sailboat (Read the Bible for Life 4 + 1 plan)

*Click on this plan and start today! It doesn't matter if its January 1st or not, you can start at anytime.